Equity Release Providers

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For over-55s looking to release some of the equity in their home, finding the right equity release provider and plan can be a challenge. No two people’s financial and personal situations are identical, so it is important to do your research in order to find the best deal for your unique circumstances.

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Equity Release Mortgage Lenders

When looking for an equity release provider always remember to check that they are affiliated with the Equity Release Council – the industry body for this type of financial product – to ensure that they are legitimate and that you will benefit from the Council’s various consumer protections.

There are a number of equity release lenders in the UK who are affiliated with the Equity Release Council:

Aviva – A leading UK equity release provider, having helped customers unlock over £7 billion from their homes to fund their later years. Aviva has over 200,000 equity release customers and has been providing this type of lending for the last 18 years. Established over 300 years ago, it is also the UK’s largest insurer with 33 million customers.

Bridgewater Equity Release – Established in 1998, Bridgewater Equity Release has won awards as a specialist home reversion provider. All of Bridgewater’s equity release plans abide by the Equity Release Council’s codes of conduct.

Hodge Lifetime – Hodge Lifetime has been offering retirement solutions since 1965. It offers a wide range of options for over-55s, and has won awards for its 55+ residential interest-only mortgage. Hodge Lifetime also takes its corporate responsibilities seriously, having its own charity – The Hodge Foundation.

Legal & General Home Finance – Legal & General Home Finance is part of the Legal & General Group, which has more than 9 million customers and was established in 1836.

LV – With over 5 million members and customers, LV is the UK’s largest friendly society. It has won awards for its products and since 2002 has had a specialist equity release team based in Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

More 2 Life – More 2 Life prides itself on providing flexible solutions for people as they head into retirement, with an emphasis on catering for each individual customer’s specific circumstances.

OneFamily Lifetime Mortgages Ltd – With 2.1 million customers, OneFamily Lifetime Mortgages takes care of £8 billion of investment funds. The company’s focus is on flexibility and individual customer needs, and it has won a plethora of awards. It also gives money back into the communities and for causes that are important to its customers.

Pure Retirement – Pure Retirement is a mortgage lender based in Leeds, with a wealth of experience in equity release and other financial services.

Retirement Advantage – Retirement Advantage offers a range of lifetime mortgages, each with safeguards to ensure its customers have the most comfortable retirement possible. Its mortgages are flexible and can be tailored to suit the individual customer’s needs.

Equity Release Brokers

It can sometimes be difficult to understand all of the options that are available when looking for a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan. Different companies can offer a wide range of options, which is why we recommend speaking to an Equity Release Council affiliated expert, who can give you more information about what is right for your unique situation.

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